Courtland Rogers Claims Jenelle Evans Lied About Miscarrying Their Baby

Jenelle Evans

It looks like Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans's tell-all book is completely backfiring. Not only have the fans accused her of lying to make herself look better, but her ex-husband has now come forward to dispute her claims that his physical abuse of her caused her to miscarry their baby.


In Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom, Jenelle detailed that Courtland slapped her around after finding some text exchanges with another guy on her phone. She added that he "started punching me in the gut."

The mom of three wrote, "I woke the next morning to a pool of blood between my legs. My mother rushed me to the emergency room, where they explained to me that I had suffered a miscarriage due to my recent altercation with Courtland."

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Only Courtland says that's not exactly what happened. He claims that not only did he never lay a finger on her, but also that she took the abortion pill to end her pregnancy. He told Radar Online, "Dude. When I read that she's getting married to David, I thought 'This is her second wedding. You were married to somebody who you destroyed their life and left. Jenelle's done it to every one of us ... Jenelle is like a hurricane. She is horrible. Everybody gets destroyed."

"If people don't know that now it's sad. It happened to me," he continued. "I never in my life have hit her. I never even touched her. If we were ever fighting I made sure she wouldn't hit me. I never swung or hit her or anything. That is the God's honest truth."

Just to drive the point home, he added, "No, I never hit her in a million years. I never ever physically hit her in that type of manner. I swear to God. Not drunk. Not high. Not sober. It never happened." Courtland also said that not only was she cheating on him with Gary Head, but that "Gary called me and told me she took the abortion pill."

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Despite everything, Court also admitted that he still misses her. "I ain't gonna lie. I miss her sometimes," he claimed. "I don't miss money. I've always had money," he continued. "I actually loved her. Like, a lot. It wasn't MTV I loved, or the shoes I was wearing. It broke my heart. I would have never thought this is what she would have thought or that she would have put about me in her book."

Only Jenelle knows what really happened regarding her miscarriage, but it's hard to believe she flat-out lied about everything. The only thing we know for sure is that Jenelle and Courtland had one messed up relationship. 

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