Chelsea DeBoer Shares Her Secret to Losing All the Baby Weight & Then Some

Chelsea houska DeBoer

Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer looks incredible, just six months after giving birth to baby Watson. The Teen Mom 2 star recently shared with her fans how she lost all the weight, and it sounds like she really earned it!


It turns out that in addition to having been in peak physical shape before getting pregnant (she even worked out with Taylor Halbur, another one of Adam Lind's victims the mother of Aubree's half-sister Paislee), Chels has been foregoing fattening foods.

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In other words, she's been eating a lot of steamed broccoli and chicken.


She also let us in on the tragedy of making fun and yummy things to eat for her family, while she's stuck with her diet food. "It sucks," she wrote with a crying emoji. "Today I made banana bread and tacos for the fam while I ate my chicken and asparagus."

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As tough as it is to say no to tacos, we have to admit Chels looks amazing -- and she's earned every bit of it.

Chelsea DeBoer baby watson

Way to go, Chelsea! We're like 90 percent happy for you, and maybe just 10 percent jealous.

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