Farrah Abraham Gets Plastic Surgery on Her Girly Parts

Farrah Abraham

This is a story about plastic surgery and Farrah Abraham's vagina. No, really! Apparently the Teen Mom OG star put her lady parts through a cosmetic rejuvenation, and because she's Farrah, she documented the whole thing for us.


If you really want, you can head over to Radar Online to see the video. Sorry, pervs, there's no nudity, but there's always her porno to scratch that itch. 

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Anyway, Sophia's mom underwent a vaginal rejuvenation and butt-tightening procedure at the Elixis Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center this week, and they were kind enough to post a picture and announce that Farrah was in the house for some plastic surgery.

Farrah Abraham plastic surgery

The procedure apparently uses "radio frequency" to "tighten the skin and reduce cellulite." Farrah also opted for both internal and external rejuvenation to give her 25-year-old va-jay-jay a more youthful appearance. We can't even make this stuff up.

An insider told Radar about the process. "The procedure is performed with a wand that is inserted and moved back and forth for four minutes to tighten the walls of the uterus," they revealed. "It tightens everything inside your uterus and the walls of the uterus. It also makes the skin thick."

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"It is beneficial for sex so you're not wide," the source helpfully added. "It also helps with moisture and lubrication."

Farrah added pics of the procedure to her Instagram page, because why not?

Farrah Abraham

We just hope she's happy with her rejuvenated vagina. After all, she's had most every other part of her body worked on, why not her lady garden as well?

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