Jeremy Calvert Reveals That He Flat-Out Lied to Ex-Wife Leah Messer

Jeremy Calvert, Leah Messer

Caught in his own lies! Jeremy Calvert got caught red-handed lying to his ex-wife about his ex-fiancé, but perhaps the most surprising thing to happen with the whole situation is that he actually admitted it.


During this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Jer told Leah Messer a web of lies over FaceTime about why he and Brooke Wehr broke up. He told her that Brooke had gotten jealous after discovering a 35-minute phone call he'd had with his ex-wife. They had been discussing preschool for their daughter Addie, but according to Jeremy, Brooke flew off the handle.

He told Leah that he just "came home to all my sh-t just being everywhere" because Brooke "lost her sh-t." Leah was understandably hurt by it, and sadly wondered, "Why does she feel that way about me?"

Except that Jeremy made the whole thing up to throw Brooke under the bus and make himself not look like a cheating asshat. Because that's what actually happened. The 28-year-old admitted that he lied in a statement to Real Mr. Housewife.

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"The episode you saw on Monday," he revealed, "Brooke came off as crazy, which she isn't at all. It was all my fault during that time. Also the reason we broke up wasn't because of me and Leah talking for that long about Addie's preschool stuff. It was over me talking to a different girl. Period."

According to Jer, their breakup "had nothing to do with the way me and Leah co parent for our child and communicate. Just would like to address the correct version of what happened. That was all talked about, but was edited out of the episode last night."

Of course it was MTV's fault. It's always MTV's fault. At least he was able to admit, "I basically lied to make myself look better than what I truly did. Which I shouldn't have done but I did so now I'm trying to set the record straight. And also she never [threw] my sh-t everywhere and didn't lose her sh-t like I stated in that episode."

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Brooke wasn't about to let it slide either, and she reportedly took to Instagram to tell her side of the story too. She said that Leah never even came up in an argument between her and Jeremy, and that the fight was about him talking to a chick for 35 minutes, who he had listed in his phone under "Tim."

She added, "I just felt like that needed [to be] clarified because that whole entire conversation [on the show] from the beginning to the end [was] complete bullcrap. All of it was a lie."

We're hoping "Tim" has run for the hills by now.

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