Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Accuse Each Other of Abusing Kaiser

Jenelle Evans kaiser ensley

This custody battle just went from bad to worse. Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans responded to Nathan Griffith's claims of abuse against their son Kaiser, after he posted and deleted a series a tweets detailing the alleged abuse.


Jenelle's ex took to social media to rant about Jenelle and her fiancé, David Eason, and question their parenting of 3-year-old Kaiser. In the now-deleted tweets, Griffith apparently wrote, "Every time we get Kaiser he is rather sick, has finger-like marks on [his] back ... [He's] petrified when you mention David's name."

He continued, "Kaiser used to love the water, but [now] Kaiser is petrified of the water. Why? Kaiser told me he fell off the boat! Am I worried? Yes I am petrified!"

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Nate also claimed that Jenelle "refuses to take any measure to co-parent Kaiser" and refuses to talk about any issues with him, and he accused her of calling CPS on him for allegedly beating the little boy. "[It's] truly astonishing," he explained. "I love my child to death."

Jenelle told Radar Online that the whole fury started after she contacted Nate over a matter regarding Kai. "Nathan is upset because I simply asked him and his mother if Kaiser has been spanked this past weekend," she said. "Nathan claimed no, but then claimed, 'I'll spank him if and when I want 'cause I'm his father."

Spanking debate aside, this is definitely an issue that co-parents should agree on when it comes to disciplining their children. If Jenelle is anti-spanking, then Nate should respect that, especially considering his documented history of violence against Kaiser's mother and other women.

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Jenelle said that she'd be contacting a lawyer about the spanking (and Twitter rant, we assume), and that "Nathan is stressing out and is on some sort of rampage against me for asking a simple question." She added, "He's trying to turn it on David."

Given that Nate has to have supervised visitation with his son, we're going to take his claims of abuse on Jenelle with a grain of salt. Maybe he should concentrate on being the best dad he can be, instead of randomly accusing Jenelle of child abuse on Twitter and then deleting the tweets.

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