Fans Accuse Jenelle Evans of Lying in Her Book

Jenelle Evans, David Eason

Jenelle Evans has definitely had a bumpy road to get to where she is in life, and she recently decided to write all about it for her memoir, Read Between the Lines: Diary of a Teenage Mom. Unfortunately, fans are accusing her of lying to make a profit, and to try to make herself look better.


In her new book, the Teen Mom 2 star took her old diary entries she wrote as a teenager and reflected upon them and what she thought of herself back then. According to reviewers on Amazon, Jenelle basically thinks that everything that happened to her in life was someone else's fault. 

She got raked over the coals for "lying" about her life too. One particularly harsh critic wrote, "Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with her story can see that this 'book' is full of revisionist history and flat out lies ... it should have been called From the Delusional Mind of a Spoiled Adult-Child."

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Another person wrote, "It's everyone's fault except for hers that her life is miserable even though she made all of her now adult choices on her own ... bottom line, if you enjoy reading the ramblings of a pathological liar who clearly loves passing the blame of her own failures onto those around her, you may like it."

Ouch! Other reviewers said her book was as bad as her mothering skills, and about as interesting as watching paint dry -- or even "reading toilet paper."

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The tough part about living your life in the public eye from the time you're 16 years old is that it's really hard to not get caught in fudging the truth of your past. For example, we saw Jenelle out partying a lot after Jace was born, but in her book she claims that her mom, Barbara Evans, tricked her into going out for a girls' night so that she could gain custody of him.

Of course, creative editing does happen in the cutting room, so it's hard to know what the exact truth of Jenelle's life is. We're willing to bet it's somewhere between the show and her book.

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