Jenelle Evans Shares Scary Details of Being Abused by Her Ex

jenelle evans and jace

Since we first met her on 16 & Pregnant, Jenelle Evans has had more bad relationships than we can count. But it sounds like there's one that stands out in her mind as particularly awful, and after hearing the details, we can't help but agree. In her new book, Jenelle says Gary Head abused her, and she shared some seriously scary new info. 


According to what Jenelle writes in Read Between The Lines, Gary -- who she dated (and lived with) very early on in Teen Mom 2 -- wasn't exactly the ideal boyfriend. As Jenelle explains it, their relationship was volatile, and at one point, it even became physical. 

Jenelle wrote (via Radar Online): 

"Gary had a lot of anger issues and my history of taking such abuse led to a dangerous mix. We started getting into fights about any little thing. He even proposed to me once during an argument. I was so used to f*cked up relationships I was willing to put up with his short fuse just to have someone in my life. All of that came to an end when he finally snapped and laid hands on me." 

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Apparently after Jenelle discovered that Gary had been hanging out at a club with other women, things got violent. He destroyed her phone so she couldn't get help, and her description of what happened next is truly terrifying. 

She continued: 

"He jumped from the bed, looped his blanket around my throat and pulled it tight. He kept screaming at me to stop crying while choking me the whole time. Just when I thought I was going to pass out, or even outright die, he finally released me ... I ended up with bruises everywhere. I don't know how long he would have gone on hitting me if the police hadn't arrived." 

We can't imagine how horrifying this must have been for Jenelle, which makes us doubly glad that she escaped those kinds of relationships and is now with David Eason, who seems to treat her well.

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