Jenelle Evans Opens Up About Her Traumatic Birth Experience With Ensley

Jenelle Evans and Ensley

Jenelle Evans had quite the scare when she delivered baby Ensley in January, and it seems as though Teen Mom 2 fans are going to get a front row seat to the drama. There was a major power outage at the hospital where Jenelle was giving birth, and the incident will be featured on an upcoming episode of the show.


The mom of three opened up in an interview with Wetpaint about whether the MTV film crew was there for the birth, and she set the record straight. "They were there, but they weren't allowed to film inside the hospital," she explained, adding, "But I had a GoPro [camera]."

She also talked about the scary moment when she thought she might have to give birth medieval-style. Right before she was about to start pushing, all the power in the hospital went off. She said that her epidural had stopped working, and as David was filming, all the lights went completely out.

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"Then the generator pops on, and only like a couple lights go on, and I said, 'Am I really about to give birth with no power?' I was like, 'Are you kidding me?'" she recalled. "And then all of a sudden the lights -- everything -- just came back on. David was filming on the GoPro when it happened, so that will make it on this season."

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We can only imagine how scary it must've been to be about to push, and then watching everything shut down around you.

Thankfully all's well that ends well, and we can't wait to see baby Ensley's entrance into the world.

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