Kailyn Lowry's Pregnancy Is Causing More Tension in Her Life Than We Imagined

kailyn lowry with sons

So many things are changing this season on Teen Mom 2, and we're only three episodes in! One of the biggest changes is Kailyn Lowry's pregnancy, though, and after her friend blew her cover last week, she finally decided to open up about it on Monday's new episode. 


We're glad Kail is finally talking about being pregnant, because like she said, she's already through her first trimester in Teen Mom 2 time -- there's no way she could have hidden it much longer. We just wish her kiddos were adjusting to the news better. Poor Isaac was stressing out so much about his families! 

And even though there's definitely a bit of tension between Kail and the people in her life (like Jo and Vee) who think she's making a mistake, it seems like she was pretty adjusted to the idea.

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And speaking of unexpected pregnancies ... Briana's is a huge one. We totally get why she's considering adoption, since her ex cheating on her doesn't exactly inspire confidence in him. Will he really be as involved as a father as he says he will?

But our hearts were totally broken when Briana asked her daughter Nova if it would be okay if they gave the baby away to another family. She wants a little sister so bad! Obviously, the final call is up to Briana and we already know she decided to keep Stella, but seeing everything that led up to that point just makes us want to hug this girl. 

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And onto our third preggers mom, Jenelle. We're thrilled that she and her mom Barbara are getting along well enough that Jenelle invited her to her baby shower, but of course they had to fight before the episode was over, and it's not like Jenelle's fiancé David is helping.

If Jenelle and Barbara are ever going to get along, David's going to have to find some way to find peace with Babs, and that's not going to be easy. 

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Things at Leah's house were pretty stressful, because little Addie is upset about the time she's getting with Jeremy. We get that she wishes she could see her dad more often, and she's probably really confused.

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And as for Chelsea? We just can't get enough of her, Cole, and baby Watson, and how much Aubree completely adores her new little brother. How funny was it when she tried to tell Cole he had to wash his hands before he held Watson?! She's obviously acting out because of such a big change happening in her family, though, but Chels and Cole seem to have a handle on things.

Hopefully Aubree will be able to sleep in her own bed again soon, and everyone in her house will be able to get sleep, too. We don't know how Chelsea does it, but we do know we're pumped for next week's ep so we can see more Watson! 

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