Former 'Bachelor' Contestant Totally Just Leaked Rachel Lindsay's Final Pick

rachel lindsay and astrid loch

The closer we get to the Bachelorette finale, the more spoilers seem to be leaking, and this time, it's a former Bachelor contestant to blame. Astrid Loch may have ruined Rachel's finale -- not that plenty of others haven't accidentally let things slip too!   


Astrid was a contestant on The Bachelor earlier this year with Rachel when they were both competing for Nick Viall's heart. Apparently they've kept in touch ever since, because in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Astrid shared some of Rachel's plans that could indicate who she's engaged to right now. 

She said: 

"They are going to Dallas to have a party there. He gets to meet all of her friends and non-Bachelor people, too. And then they're going to Miami after that to have an engagement party there, too." 

You know who's from Miami? Yeah, that would be Bryan Abasolo ... so Astrid's comments would definitely mean that's who Rachel chooses in the end.

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And along with the other hints that have been piling up, it seems impossible that our girl chooses anyone else. After all, earlier this week Dean Unglert let it slip that his choice for Bachelor would be Peter -- meaning that Peter doesn't win. Come on, guys! It's not that hard to keep a secret! 

But even if this does mean the end has been spoiled for us all, seeing everything unfold will still be fun ... and it's not like this show hasn't thrown us a curveball or two before. We won't know for 100 percent certain who pops the question until the finale airs, after all. 

And in the meantime? Keep your mouths shut, Bachelor Nation! Some of us like to be surprised! 

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