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15 Reasons Cole DeBoer Is Stepdad of the Year

TV Kayla Boyd Jul 28, 2017

cole and aubree

Blended families are a beautiful thing, and when it comes to being an awesome stepparent, Cole DeBoer knows what he's doing. When he married Chelsea Houska last year, he officially became the stepdad of her daughter Aubree. It is obvious how much the Teen Mom 2 couple loves each other, and Cole has never held back how much he cares about Aubree too. 

Here are 15 times that Cole was an amazing stepparent to Aubree. We know their bond will only continue to grow as time goes on!

2He Took Her to See Matilda the Musical

This photo strip is adorable ... almost as a adorable as the fact that he took Aubree to the theater. 

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5They Play in the Snow Together

Cole was right by Aubree's side (with his camera phone ready) as she displayed her epic belly flop in the snow last December. 

6They Pick Apples Together

Some of their seasonal adventures include going to pick apples. When Aubree can't reach the perfect one, Cole's got her back. 

7He Dressed Up for Her Birthday Party

Last September, the family put on a superhero-themed birthday party for Aubree, so of course Cole did his part and dressed accordingly. 

9He Always Gushes About How Cool Aubree Is

Last year, Cole posted this adorable picture and captioned it, "Aubree just being cool as ever! #Aubreeissimplyamazing."

10He Took Her to a Daddy-Daughter Dance

Last February, Cole melted our hearts yet again when he posted this silly picture with Aubree at a father-daughter dance. In his caption he said he was "so grateful" for her. Ugh, so cute!

11They Watch Movies Together

When momma Chelsea wasn't feeling well, Cole posted this photo of him and Aubree watching Minions together. 

13He Rode a Camel With Her

At Aubree's birthday party in 2015, Cole joined her on the back of a camel! Can you say #DadGoals? 

14They Build Things Together

Handyman Cole had the help of his little assistant while he was building a pantry.

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