Farrah Abraham Promotes Her Sex Toy Line & Fans Aren't Having It

farrah abraham

A girl's gotta eat. Few things Farrah Abraham does are without controversy, so the latest hullabaloo surrounding the Teen Mom star doesn't come as too much of a surprise. Fans are outraged Farrah is promoting her line of sex toys. Um, is anyone really surprised here?


Farrah took to Instagram to post a boomerang of her new toys, which include a "double stroker." On the boxes of the toys, Farrah is looking gorgeous in lingerie as she sexily tosses her long locks back. 

"#humpday Treat #SexySummer #Sextoys Check out my line for girl & guys SOLD world Wide #Germany #USA #London #Australia," Farrah captioned next to the video, which has "Look what I just got in the mail. Order yours," written over it. 

More from CafeMom: 

Sex toys -- especially sex toys from Farrah Abraham -- aren't exactly everyone's cup of tea, but are people honestly surprised that Farrah is promoting this? The point is to make money -- of course she's going to promote the toys on all of her social media accounts.

"Tramp. You cannot buy class...evidently," one particularly rude fan wrote on Farrah's Instagram page, while another said, "You've reached an all new low. Congrats." And third commented, "I don't understand why you would put this out there knowing your daughter has an instagram??? Shes a baby for heaven sakes!! Don't you want more for her than this?? How embarrassing."

Wow. Low blows. 

If there's one thing you can count on about Farrah, it's that she's going to do what she wants and that she DGAF. So, to all the haters out: Keep on hating. Farrah will call you if she's really upset. 

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