Kailyn Lowry's 'Gender Reveal' Still Leaves Us With a Lot of Questions

Kailyn Lowry pregnant kids

Ever since Kailyn Lowry announced that she was pregnant with baby number three, we've been dying to know if she's having another precious boy, or if she'll be adding a daughter to the mix. Kail took to Snapchat this week, and according to the video she posted, it's a girl!


Well, if old wives' tales are to be believed. People magazine reports that on Wednesday, Kail posted a video of a friend doing a "gender reveal," involving a ring attached to a chain. The friend held the chain above Kailyn's pregnant belly, and if it swung back and forth, it means it's a boy, and if it swings in circles, it's a girl.

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The ring began to swing in circles, and her friend claimed, "I used to do high-risk maternal child health. I did it on every patient, it was always right."

Kail already has two sons, Isaac, 7, with Jo Rivera, and Lincoln, 3, with Javi Marroquin. She let fans know early in her pregnancy that she wouldn't be finding out the gender this time. She hasn't let anything slip, and we're dying to find out too! Not that we don't have faith in the ring test ... OK, we don't have a lot of faith in the ring test.

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Boy or girl, one thing we're hoping is that baby daddy Chris Lopez steps up to the plate once his child arrives. He's been uninvolved in Kail's pregnancy, but we're hoping he forms some bond with the kiddo once he or she is here. Kail and Chris don't have to have a romantic relationship, but a kid needs a dad.

Kail's in such a wait-and-see place in her life right now -- and she's handling it beautifully! We can't wait to watch her rock being a mom of three.

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