'Bachelor' Star Admits That She Dealt With Bulimia on the Show

Britt Nilsson

Talk about getting raw and real. Former Bachelor contestant Britt Nilsson opened up on her YouTube channel recently about facing her demons, and we had no idea she was going through such a personal battle while she was on the show competing for Chris Soules's heart.


Nilsson also almost became the Bachelorette when she faced off against Kaitlyn Bristowe for season 11. After hearing her story though, we're glad that she found the help and strength she needed to overcome her various addictions. 

She started by explaining that she has a naturally addictive personality: "[The way I'm made up] is basically that I just want it all, all the time. That's what makes me a really joyful person ... I really like experiencing life, I really, truly enjoy life so much -- but I also don’t know when to stop."

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By the time she was in college, Britt confessed that she suffered from bulimia and was binging and purging almost daily. "All addictions are pretty related to shame and pain avoidance, in my experience. The years after college were really dark years," she explained. "I was so ashamed ... I would spend my days eating food in secret, throwing up in garbage bags in my car, throwing up in dumpsters, throwing up behind bushes, in the shower."

It's a terrible habit that followed her all the way to the Bachelor mansion. "I had pain and anxiety, I felt insecure, I didn't feel pretty enough, I didn't know what was going on, I missed my family. I was totally terrified that it was going to be caught on a mic..."

She explained that they were mic'd 24/7, and she would take hers off and hide it in between some towels to muffle the sound of her throwing up. She did not want it to be a plot line on the show, and you know it would've been if producers had been wise to it. 

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Britt also revealed that she's struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. She flat-out declared, "I'm an alcoholic," and added, "Meaning not that I was drinking a bottle of wine by myself in the bathtub, or waking up and taking shots, but my personality, for better or worse, is a personality where little is good, all is best, and more, more, more ... I try to control it and I can't." She also smoked weed "every single day in college," and was addicted to cocaine around the same time.

It looks like she's overcome her addictions now, and declared that she's been sober for a year. She credits her new fiancé Jeremy Byrne for helping her get her life back on track. She said that confessing her bulimia to him was a "huge release," and that he helped her stay accountable. Getting rid of that "shameful, horrible secret" was the first step in the road to recovery for her.

We had no idea Britt was going through so much! It was incredibly brave of her to open up about this, and we wish her nothing but health and happiness moving forward with her life.

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