Jenelle Evans's Ex Accuses David Eason of Using Drugs

jenelle evans and david eason

Will there ever be peace between Jenelle Evans and her ex Nathan Griffith? Probably not after this news. Nathan has accused David Eason of doing drugs, so could this mean more trouble for their custody fights in the future? 


Nathan's comments followed this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, where David joined Jenelle in court and didn't bother taking his sunglasses off inside. So of course, Nathan took to Twitter to share his thoughts:  

nathan griffith tweet

And then his girlfriend, Ashley, chimed right in with her observations, too. 

nathan griffiths girlfriend twitter

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Yikes. It's upsetting to think that David could have a substance abuse problem he was trying to hide with his sunglasses, but then again, it's not surprising that Nathan would try to insinuate that he and Jenelle aren't fit parents. It's hard to tell if his threats actually hold any water. 

But from what we've seen from on Teen Mom 2 so far, it seems like he's a good dad who makes Jenelle happy, so that's what we'll believe until he shows us differently.

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