Kailyn Lowry's Baby Daddy Just Keeps Getting Worse

pregnant kailyn lowry

We may not have all the details where Kailyn Lowry's pregnancy is concerned, but from what we do know, it seems like it's been a pretty complicated situation. Get this one -- apparently Kail's baby daddy cheated on her while she was pregnant


Kailyn has made it clear that we won't be seeing Chris Lopez on Teen Mom 2 this season, but why doesn't he want to be on camera? When the show aired this week, Kail insinuated on Twitter that Chris was seeing other women while they were together, which understandably had her upset. As In Touch Weekly points out, Kail tweeted in response to the part of the episode in which Briana DeJesus confronts her cheating baby daddy: "Sounds familiar ... I was dealing with the same thing."

If she's not just joking (and with Kail, you never know), we feel really bad for her. It seems like Chris has stayed uninvolved in her pregnancy, which can't be easy -- especially if he's actually been dating other women all this time.

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Since Kail has made it pretty clear that their relationship has been over for a long time, maybe this is the reason why? We're hoping she'll reveal more once her baby is here, but at this point, we may never get the answers to all the questions we have about Chris. 

Whatever's going on, it would be great if he ultimately decides he wants to be a part of this baby's life. Even though Kailyn is killing it at the single mom life, we'd hate to think of her baby never knowing his/her father.

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