15 Biggest 'Teen Mom' Scandals: From 'Whoa!' to Totally Insane

CafeMom Contributors | Jul 28, 2017 TV
15 Biggest 'Teen Mom' Scandals: From 'Whoa!' to Totally Insane

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Who doesn't love a good scandal? It's what we live for, no matter how much we lie and say we don't care -- or turn the channel only to hit the "previous" or "last" button. (You know you do.) Luckily for Teen Mom fans, the ladies and gents of this mega popular MTV franchise have not only stirred the pot and delivered the tea, but they've also provided plenty of buzzworthy moments for us to remember until the end of time.

MTV's Teen Mom franchise is notorious for side-eye-worthy situations complete with "did she really just do that?!" antics you simply cannot unsee. Some scandals -- like a mom breastfeeding her child in public (we know ... the "horror") -- shouldn't be that big of a deal.

... But others are, and boy are they out there, like far, far away.

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While we're always rooting for the folks on these shows (you know, to get their lives in order and leave the pettiness behind), we can't help but look back at some of the more controversial times -- especially as it only further illustrates how far so many of them have come!

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