Farrah Abraham Thinks Her Costars Could Learn a Thing or Two by Watching Her

Farrah Abraham
Martin Evans/Splash News

Farrah knows best. At least, according to her, she does. Farrah Abraham recently opened up about her fellow Teen Mom OG stars, and admitted that she believes they'd be better off if they followed her example.


The controversial 26-year-old chatted with Us Weekly recently, as she's preparing for hosting duties in Las Vegas for the gentlemen's club Crazy Horse III. Abraham admitted that she hasn't reconciled with costar Amber Portwood in the aftermath of her split from Matt Baier. 

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The two got into an on-set altercation last season on the show with Dr. Drew after Farrah said that Matt looked like a pedophile. Amber rushed on stage to defend her man, and the whole thing was a big mess.

Anyway, it looks like it's not all water under the bridge at this point, and probably won't be, if Farrah keeps insisting that she's the only who is right about everything all the time. When asked if she thought the friendship could be repaired, Farrah responded, "I'm just going to stick to my own standards and I'm not going to dumb down to mediocracy. I think a lot of the women on my show have done that and I feel bad for them."

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She continued:

"I just feel like they should watch and let me be the example because otherwise, when I try to be friends with them, they like to bash me and tear down one another. I wish them all the best. I frankly feel like I'm not here to just get married and divorced and pop out babies. I'm not about the drugs and the drinking. I'm just not about that s--t."

Here's an idea, Farrah -- why not try being supportive of your supposed friends, and not saying nasty things about them? Just a thought.

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