'Project Runway' Is Finally Doing What Competitive Fashion Shows Should Have Done a Long Time Ago

project runway

Project Runway is joining the body-positivity movement in a major way this August. The competitive show for up-and-coming designers will feature models of all different sizes throughout the entire season (not just one or two episodes as they've done in the past). Although we have seen significant strides made in many aspects of the fashion industry, this was definitely way past due.

  • Season 16 of 'Project Runway' will have its designers rotate models every episode. The models range from sizes 0 to 22.

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  • Some steps toward inclusivity have happened in the past, including Ashley Nell Tipton's season 14 victory as the first plus-size designer to win.

  • And the season 4 winner, Christian Siriano, is known for his designs that cater to women of all sizes.

    Not only has he designed for plus-size retailer Lane Bryant, but he also featured models in a wide range of sizes and races at his recent New York Fashion Week runway show.

  • Last year, 'Project Runway' mentor Tim Gunn published an essay that blasted the fashion industry on its treatment toward plus-size women.

    Now, the show is actually going to practice what he preached.

  • Another popular fashion reality show, 'America's Next Top Model,' brought on plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham as a judge for cycle 23.

    And as amazing as this was for the show, when it came to the long history of competitors over its 23 seasons, there have only been six plus-size competitors -- and only one of them has actually won. 

    Whitney Thompson, a size 16 model, won back in season 10. 

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  • All of these groundbreaking icons are appreciated, but in order for body inclusivity to truly mean something, it has to become "the norm."

    And with Project Runway incorporating size diversity into its new season like this, we are on our way to a genuine acceptance of it. 

  • We don't know about you, but we can't wait for the new season to air.

    You can catch Project Runway's season premiere on August 17.

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