26 Teen Shows From the '90s & '00s, Ranked

Image: IMDb

Saved by the Bell cast photo

You can go ahead and turn your nose up at teen-centric TV shows if you want, but in-the-know viewers are fiercely loyal to the series that shaped their youth -- or became guilty pleasures in adulthood. While not every one of these series is Emmy-worthy (cough, So Little Time, cough), they provided a fabulous escape from the daily trials and tribulations of real-life adolescence. 


How could anyone possibly forget that time Jessie had a dalliance with caffeine pills on Saved by the Bell? Or Ryan's iconic introduction to Newport Beach on a certain Fox drama ("Welcome to the OC, bitch!")? These gems are what pop culture is all about, and it's why we're saluting TV's finest teen offerings from the '90s and '00s with this list of faves, ranked.

Whether you were all about NBC's Saturday morning teen lineup or obsessed with old-school WB dramas, join us on a walk down memory lane.