Leah Messer Catches Heat for Sharing Controversial Family Beliefs

leah messer

After watching her for years on Teen Mom 2, fans have had a lot of opinions when it comes to Leah Messer's parenting choices. And one of her latest declarations about family life is making everyone scratch their heads yet again. In a recent Instagram post, Leah said you must put your husband before your children, and her followers couldn't agree less. 


Over the weekend, Leah shared the infamous post, which was a photo of text explaining that women should always put their husband first as a "partner, provider, and protector." And in her caption, Leah wrote, "I agree," and then made the mistake of asking her followers what they think about it. 

leah messer instagram

Her question was answered for sure, and probably not in the way she hoped, because it ended up stirring up quite a debate. Some definitely agreed with her, chiming in about how it's important to keep a united front with your husband in order to parent your children. And as for the others? Well, there was definitely some rage involved.

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It's not surprising at all that Leah would catch some heat for this -- it's a pretty controversial statement on its own, but then add in the fact that it was shared by a Teen Mom 2 star, and the comments on this post went just about exactly how you'd imagine they would. But nobody deserves to get attacked for their beliefs, especially since Leah's little girls are obviously very well cared for.

We'll file this one under "social media drama that will probably never end." And if Leah does get married again? We'll trust that however she and her future husband choose to handle their family is in the best interest of her daughters. 

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