Javi Marroquin Just Deleted Photos of His New Girlfriend From Instagram

Javi Marroquin

Has another one of Javi Marroquin's new romances already bit the dust? It's been only weeks since he introduced us to his new girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, but there may be serious trouble in paradise already. Javi just deleted all his photos of Lauren from social media, which is a pretty clear indication that things may be over already between them.


Fan speculation went wild after the Teen Mom 2 star deleted all traces of Lauren from his Instagram account. After all, his relationships with Cassie Bucka and Madison Channing Walls ended rather abruptly as well, plus he had a really difficult time processing his divorce from Kailyn Lowry in 2016. It's not really a difficult assumption to make, is all we're saying.

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And apparently we're all wrong. Javi spoke up about the rumors that he and Lauren had already called it quits, and it turns out that he's just trying to protect her privacy.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Lincoln's dad explained, "Everything's great, I'll be seeing her tomorrow and spending the weekend with her ... This one's definitely a keeper I can tell ... We wanted to keep as much private as possible so I thought by deleting the pictures people would stop commenting."

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It's almost like he knows nothing about being a reality star! Note to Javi -- if he wanted to keep it private, he shouldn't have posted the photos in the first place. He seems to have realized his mistake though, and admitted, "I think I made it worse ... 'Cause now everyone thinks we broke up."

Despite the rumors, he insisted, "I do have a fun date planned for us so I'm excited." Then he broke his new rule of not sharing publicly about his new relationship with a photo of said "fun date." Javi posted this photo on Thursday, and captioned it, "Idk what looks better... my drink or my lady smiling @lauren3elizabeth."

Javi Marroquin new girlfriend

Just have to say, Javi, if you're wondering if your drink looks better than your girl, we're a little worried. For now, we're glad he's happy.

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