All 16 Major 'Big Bang Theory' Characters, Ranked

Image: IMDb

Big Bang Theory cast

There's a reason Big Bang Theory has been going strong for a full 10 seasons -- the characters keep pulling us back in for more. What could have been a two-dimensional show about a hot girl who lives across the hall from two nerds turned into a really sweet and hilarious look at relationships. 


And not just the romantic kind. Meeting the characters' quirky family members over the years has offered a ton of insight into what makes each one tick, adding depth and lots of layers to the main crew. It's not easy to play favorites with the BBT gang, because each episode gives you a reason to either fall a little more in love or get a little more annoyed with these on-screen pals. But, because we love a solid, ranked list, we're gonna try.

Without further adieu, here are 16 of the most notable BBT characters, ranked.