Briana DeJesus's Reported Plastic Surgery Plans Have Us Cringing a Little

briana dejesus

Baby Stella may have only been born earlier this month, but her mom is already thinking about her post-baby body. Apparently Teen Mom 2's Briana DeJesus plans to get plastic surgery, and some of the procedures she's having done sound a bit ... uncomfortable, to say the least. 


Famed celebrity surgeon Dr. Miami talked to Radar Online about what will happen when Briana goes under the knife, and it seems like he'll have a lot of work to do. The newly minted mom of two has already confirmed herself that she'd be paying him a visit, but everything she's doing sounds a bit more extensive than we thought. 

Dr. Miami told the site: 

"Briana already had one labiaplasty and although it is not common to have it done again, it is definitely not uncommon. Briana will have to wait six months before I work on her again because she has to lose the baby weight, which will cause her to have loose skin. Briana loved her work and I will absolutely do whatever she wants to have done. I would absolutely do another labiaplasty on her in January after she has time to heal."

Labiaplasty? Um, yeah, no thanks. Good for Briana for getting the body she wants, but that doesn't sound fun at all.

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We think Briana is gorgeous no matter what, but if this makes her feel comfortable in her own skin? More power to her. It sounds like it'll be a long road for her, especially since she has to lose baby weight and heal before having the surgery in the first place, but if it's what she wants we're sure it'll be worth the wait. 

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