Farrah Abraham & Simon Saran's Relationship Just Got Even More Insane

farrah abraham

If you thought there was a chance Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran could get back together in the future, you might want to think again. Farrah just sent Simon a cease and desist letter, which means their feud is only getting uglier. 


According to what Farrah told Us Weekly, Simon has been "ruining business deals" for her and "stalking" her online, so she finally decided enough is enough. Despite the fact that their relationship status is often pretty confusing, it looks like they're officially done this time.

The Teen Mom OG star told the mag: 

"I'm no longer trying to be cordial or friends with my ex ... There's a lot I've been through with him and his actions are now embarrassing. If he wanted to be with me, he had the opportunity, but instead, he missed his chance. [He's been] saying lies about me, my parenting, and other slanderous things. He doesn't get along with anyone in my work, my friends, my family, and I'm tired of helping him while I get treated horribly. I'm enjoying not being friends with my ex and like every other ex he's in the past now."

Don't mess with Farrah! 

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If you follow Farrah and Simon on Twitter, you already know they've been feuding a lot lately. Farrah seems to think that she's responsible for Simon's career, while Simon definitely disagrees, and the list goes on and on. 

But if the things Farrah is saying are true, it's probably for the best. That doesn't sound like a healthy relationship to us, and nobody should be treated that way.  

Now, will this breakup last forever? Knowing them, anything could happen. Guess time will tell ...

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