'Bachelor in Paradise' Trailer Uses Sex Scandal to Promote the Show -- Fans Are Not Happy

Bachelor in Paradise Chris Harrison

Bad move, guys. ABC just released a teaser for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, and it looks like they're trying to capitalize on that whole sex scandal that happened between former cast members Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson.


Yeah. Super classy. Take a look at the vid and see if you see what we see.

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It's obviously alluding to the fact that there almost wasn't a new season of the show this summer, as filming was shut down following allegations of sexual misconduct between Corinne and DeMario. After multiple investigations by Warner Brothers and Corinne's private legal team, it was concluding that no abuse had occurred, and filming resumed, with new rules in place to protect the cast members going forward. Basically, they set a drink limit.

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Anyway, neither Corinne nor DeMario rejoined the cast in Mexico, but apparently they haven't been forgotten since this promo seems to be capitalizing on the scandal.

The Internet was not having it, either. Do better indeed.


Come on, ABC. It's not like there's never enough drama to work with. You don't need to resort to making light of sexual misconduct allegations. Let's just move on from the whole thing and get back to betting on how many engagements we'll have this season between people who have only known each other two weeks.

That's really more interesting anyway.

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