Kailyn Lowry Shares Cryptic Tweets as Baby Lo's Due Date Looms

kail lowry

Now that July is here, we know that Kailyn Lowry's due date has to be getting closer, and this mom-of-three-to-be is confusing us more than ever. Kail just shared cryptic tweets about Baby Lo that definitely have us scratching our heads. 


Not only did the Teen Mom 2 star want to make sure her followers know that she is not in labor yet -- since it sounds like lots of people have been asking her if she is -- but she also issued a "goodbye" that kind of came out of nowhere. 

kail lowry twitter

What does she mean by that? She obviously isn't finished with Twitter, because she's retweeted a couple of things since then. So who is she saying goodbye to? The people who are convinced that Baby Lo is already here? 

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So much about Kail has been a mystery since we found out about this pregnancy. We just hope everything is okay with her. She needs to be in the best frame of mind before her little one gets here, because she's about to have her hands full! 

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