Adam Lind's Custody Arragement May Have Just Been Amended

adam lind and daughter paislee

Not too long ago, we found out that Adam Lind lost custody of his youngest daughter, Paislee, after his ex Taylor Halbur took him to court. But apparently he's staying in contact with her after all. Adam was spotted hanging out with Paislee not too long ago, so we guess not all visitation was taken from him.


As The Hollywood Gossip points out, Adam shared a photo on his personal Facebook page of Paislee playing in a kiddie pool with his dogs, so whatever their arrangement is, it seems to include Adam having the chance to spend time with his daughter, however limited that time might be.

Paislee looks super happy in the photo -- as any toddler does when she's playing in water -- so we'll at least give Adam that. But after finding out in the court documents that Adam tested positive for meth, we hope that Taylor's doing everything she can to keep Paislee safe.

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It's unclear so far whether the findings from their custody case will affect Adam's arrangement with his daughter with Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer, Aubree, but we wouldn't be surprised if it did. Chelsea doesn't mess around when it comes to the safety of her children, and Adam's been on thin ice with her for a while as it is.

Sigh. Hopefully this will be a huge wakeup call for Adam, and he'll realize he needs to turn his act around if he wants to continue to be in his daughters' lives.

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