15 'Teen Mom' Looks That Made Us Do a Double Take

CafeMom Contributors | Jul 18, 2017 TV
15 'Teen Mom' Looks That Made Us Do a Double Take

chelsea houska hair

The ladies and gents of the Teen Mom universe sure do keep things interesting, whether it's through the drama that plays out on the series or the interesting fashion choices they make in their everyday lives. We're about to examine the latter! Whether it's a throwback to an old trend or they're branching out for a completely new look, there have been times when we couldn't even recognize them.

Even the biggest Teen Mom fans may not recognize them in some of these photos. Sometimes they are more glammed up than we are used to and sometimes they're just trying out something new, but whatever the case, they definitely like to switch it up once in a while. 


Extremely teased hair, purple locks, and even leopard-print footie pajamas have all been seen on these reality stars. But hey, they always look great! It's fun to see how their styles have all evolved over the years, and we can't wait to see what looks they give us next.

Here are 15 times the Teen Mom crew rocked looks that had us all doing a double take. Seriously, you may not even know who it is at first! 

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