Chelsea DeBoer's Daughter Shares Her True Feelings About Having a Baby Brother

Aubree and Watson

When we first found out that Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer was having her second child, we just knew that her daughter Aubree would be pumped about having a little brother, and we were right. In a new clip from Teen Mom 2, Chelsea and Aubree talk about Watson, and their conversation might just be the most adorable one they've ever had. 


In the clip, Chelsea and Aubree are in the car, and Chelsea is trying to get down to the bottom of why her little girl's been so cranky lately. Finally, Chels brings up the fact that this all started when Watson was born, and when Aubree opens up, Chelsea couldn't have hit the nail more on the head with that guess.

But it's not that she's jealous that Watson's getting all the attention, like a lot of older siblings can be after a new baby is born. Nope, she's jealous of Chelsea and Cole, because they get to stay up later and spend more time with him. How sweet is that?! 


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We love that Aubree loves her little brother so much that she wants to soak up all the time she can with him because he's so cute. We'd definitely feel the same way! But like Chelsea said, she has to listen to her parents, no matter how adorable her baby brother is. 

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