'Teen Mom 2' Is Back With an Added Dose of Drama for the Cast

teen mom 2 aftershow

After a few long months without them, our favorite moms from Teen Mom 2 are back, and after seeing the season premiere, we can confirm that it was definitely worth the wait. On Monday night, we finally got to catch up with Kail, Leah, Chelsea, and Jenelle again -- and Briana DeJesus finally made her Teen Mom 2 debut. 


In Kail's world, it's all about trying to cope with life now that she and Javi are officially divorced. We loved how they both seemed to celebrate that the whole mess was behind them, and even though Kail seems to want nothing to do with Javi, at least they're getting along for the sake of Lincoln. Will it last, though? Our guess is no. 

Although we have to admit that our heart totally broke when Javi cried after finding out that he could get deployed again, and then it broke again when Isaac started crying too. It's awesome that they've kept their bond going, even though he and Kail aren't together anymore.

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Meanwhile, Chelsea and Cole are as adorable as ever, especially as they prepared to welcome Watson into the world. We're so glad it happened so early in the season, because we can't wait to see that adorable little guy on our TVs ASAP! 

And of course, Aubs is too cute, as well -- but that's a fact that's true always. We can't wait to see her interacting with her new little bro.

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Jenelle brought a lot of the drama this time around, but doesn't she always? Not that we blame her, of course -- moving and being pregnant at the same time can take a lot out of a person, especially since she also had to chase Kaiser around. Poor kid didn't seem to fully understand exactly what was happening. 

By the end of the ep, she was pretty pissed at David for a fight they had while moving, and we seriously feel for her. Maybe she was overreacting a bit, but she also must be super hormonal. That can't be easy! 

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And was it just us, or were you super proud of Leah this episode too? Her segments focused on the fact that she's finally starting school again, and we loved seeing her so pumped about her new beginning. It looked so stressful trying to get all her kids ready for school before she went to school, but she handled it pretty flawlessly.

Just like her friend told her, Leah has come a long way and she should be proud of herself. Her girls are so lucky to have a mom who's working so hard to create a better life for them! 

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And then, there was Briana, who looks so much more grown up since we last saw her on Teen Mom 3. And that goes double for her adorable daughter Nova.

It's been so long since Briana's been on our TV screens that we were so happy to see her again, and we can't wait to find out more about what she's been up to as the season continues. Is it next Monday yet?! 

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