Javi Marroquin's New Girlfriend Is Laying Low When It Comes to 'Teen Mom 2'

javi marroquin and new girlfriend lauren

Ever since we found out that Javi Marroquin has a new lady in his life, we've been wondering when she'd start popping up in front of the MTV cameras. But as much as we'd love to meet her, unfortunately Javi's new girlfriend won't be on Teen Mom 2.


According what Javi himself tells Radar Online, Lauren Comeau has yet to film for the show, and it doesn't sound like that fact will ever change, mainly because she doesn't want to give the entire world access to their relationship. 

Javi told the site: 

"Lauren has not filmed. We talked about it and right now we like our privacy and like to be able to show Instagram what we want." 

That makes sense -- keeping their relationship away from the cameras gives them a lot more control over what fans will find out about it. But if Lauren becomes a big enough part of Javi's life, we suspect she'll be on the show eventually. How could she not?

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But for now, we can't blame them for wanting to maintain as much privacy as they can. Exposing a brand new relationship to cameras and the world creates a lot of potential for disaster, especially when Javi's ex-wife is also on the show. 

As much as we totally understand where Javi and Lauren are coming from, we're a little disappointed. We were looking forward to seeing her on the show later this season. But that's okay -- we'll just have to wait for more adorable Instagram posts. 

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