The Worst 'Teen Mom' Breakups in the History of the Show

Nicole Pomarico | Sep 11, 2017 TV
The Worst 'Teen Mom' Breakups in the History of the Show
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As much as we appreciate seeing Teen Mom relationships go right, sadly, successful love connections are pretty rare among the cast. Over the years, we've seen these reality stars go through some pretty nasty splits -- even divorces -- with their significant others. Breakups are bad enough in the real world, but when they play out on TV? Talk about drama! It can definitely get pretty intense, to say the least...

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Let's take a look at some of the messiest, most heartbreaking breakups we've seen in the history of the Teen Mom series. There have been so many tears, and we've felt so horrible for a lot of the cast members after seeing just how hurtful some of their exes can be. (Um, hello, Adam Lind, we're talking to you.)

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Fortunately, most of these ladies came out of the relationships happier than ever. And we know the ones who aren't living happily ever after just yet will definitely find their perfect match in the future. Or at least we hope that's the case. Whether their lives are full of drama or not, everyone deserves a happy ending -- and at least a chance at the fairy tale.

  • Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith

    Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith

    One of the worst breakups we've ever seen? Jenelle and Nathan. Back when their relationship was showcased on the series, it seemed to be toxic from the start, and it only got worse until they finally decided to call it quits. Cussing; loud, scary arguments; cops being called ... that breakup had it all. And after they broke up, they still weren't done fighting.

    Even now, when they have to interact, it's still pretty shaky ... and until their recent custody agreement for Kaiser, they argued about their son on the regular. Chances are, these two will never find peace, even though they haven't been together for a long time.

  • Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer & Adam Lind


    Raise your hand if you're glad Chelsea and Adam will never be together again? Oh, wait, that's everyone. Even though it gave them Aubree, that relationship was doomed from the beginning, especially since Adam used to treat Chelsea like total crap -- and she kept coming back for more. But after she found out Adam had gotten Taylor Halbur pregnant, she started keeping her distance more, which was for the best. Plus, Chelsea's dad, Randy, was happy, since he has always thought Adam was trash.

    Fortunately, once she broke that cycle, she finally found Cole DeBoer and lived happily ever after. And after seeing everything she went through with Adam, we can't think of anyone who deserves that happiness more. 

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  • Kailyn Lowry & Jo Rivera


    They might be good friends and co-parents now, but it wasn't always that way! When Kailyn wanted to end her relationship with Jo, it was super awkward considering she and baby Isaac were living in Jo's mom's house with them ... and he and his parents threw a fit when she started dating Jordan. Eventually, Kail got to move out on her own and that's when things were over between them for good.

    Things were rocky between them for years, but now, they're doing better than ever. Jo was even supportive of Kail when she told him she was pregnant with Baby Lo. Their co-parenting relationship sets such a good example for Isaac.

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  • Jeremy Calvert & Leah Messer


    Leah's second marriage didn't go much better than her first, and it didn't last very long, either. Even though Jeremy and Leah seemed to love each other at first and wasted no time having their daughter, Addie, the two ultimately weren't on the same page. Later on, Leah admitted to fooling around with Corey behind Jeremy's back, and as soon as things got tough in their relationship, they split. They've been flirty over the last year or so, but we have a feeling they'll never get back together.

  • Leah Messer & Corey Simms


    Leah and Corey were really young when they got married, and it was kinda doomed from the start ... especially since Leah admitted to cheating on Corey (and then later with Corey after he was already with Miranda!). Leah lost her mind when he bought a truck for himself instead of saving for a house for her and the girls, and the rest is history.

    Their breakup was so hard to watch, but it was obviously the best choice for both of them -- and their girls! Now, Ali and Gracie get to see both of their parents all the time, and no one is fighting. Sounds like a win to us. 

  • Maci Bookout & Ryan Edwards


    This relationship is long dead and buried, since they're both married to other people now -- Maci to Taylor McKinney, and Ryan to Mackenzie Standifer. But when they were together, Ryan was never around for Bentley as much as Maci wanted him to be, and it led to some pretty rough fights and a doomed romance. They were even engaged at one point, but then, she realized they were never going to make it. In Maci's words: "He wasn't going to be my life partner." She wasn't wrong about that one! 

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  • Nathan Griffith & Jessica Henry


    From the very beginning, Nathan and Jessica's relationship was drama, drama, drama ... especially when it led to massive fights involving Jenelle Evans. The peak crazy: All of them landed in court last year. Jessica accused Jenelle of trying to hit her with a mason jar one day while she and Nathan were picking up Kaiser, and the case ended without any charges being brought against Jenelle. And that's just a sampling of what went on in their relationship, because most of it happened away from the MTV cameras.

    When Nathan and Jessica finally did break up, Nathan made it as clear as he possibly could on social media that he was single again. Sigh.

  • Jenelle Evans & Kieffer Delp

    Jenelle Evans & Kieffer Delp

    Fans who have been watching Teen Mom since the beginning remember Kieffer, the guy Jenelle dated on and off forever, ran away from home with, and who generally made her mom irate on a constant basis. Their relationship might have been hilarious to watch, but it was a mess -- and it landed Jenelle in a lot of trouble with drugs. At one point, they were even arrested together for breaking and entering and marijuana possession. How was that relationship ever a good idea?

    Eventually, Jenelle saw the light and decided she finally had to end the cycle with Kieffer. And it's a good thing, too, or she may have never found David.

  • Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin


    What a train wreck this one was! By the time Kail and Javi decided to get divorced, they were fighting like cats and dogs ... but worse. And even since they split, the drama has only gotten worse. Fights on social media, taking jabs at each other left and right ... Kail has even lost some of her friends because of the split. What a nightmare! By the time Javi blamed Kail for her miscarriage, their relationship went seriously downhill, and by the time Javi got back from his deployment, their marriage was over.

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  • Simon Saran & Farrah Abraham

    Simon Saran & Farrah Abraham

    Wait, are these two dating, or are these two broken up? We can never tell, but every time they break up, it gets worse and worse. First, Farrah realized that Simon couldn't commit to marrying her, so she decided it was best that they see other people, and it's only been unraveling from here. Now, it seems like they're officially done for good, but that doesn't mean the drama has come to a stop. They've been calling each other out on Twitter lately, and we have a feeling there's no end in sight.

    Still, there was never any real breakup, so it's hard to tell if they're over. If they're not? They should be.

  • Amber Portwood & Gary Shirley


    Gary and Amber were never the ideal couple, but the end of their relationship was the worst, because things between them got violent. Amber was even caught hitting Gary on the Teen Mom cameras, so it's probably for the best they're broken up. Their history together was way too volatile! These days, Gary is married happily to Kristina, and he and Amber seem to be getting along really well for the sake of their daughter, Leah.

  • Jenelle Evans & Andrew Lewis


    Jenelle and Andrew thought they could conquer the world when Jenelle was pregnant with Jace, but she quickly learned that wasn't the case. Remember that infamous phone call where he alerted a pregnant Jenelle that his feelings had "dropped" for her?! He wasted no time taking off, and he's never been a part of Jenelle or Jace's life since, which really sucks. Jenelle was really upset at the time, but it seems like she's much happier with David these days, anyway! 

  • Jeremy Calvert & Brooke Wehr


    Jeremy and Brooke's breakup was so bad, all photos of them have been removed from each other's social media -- and Jeremy's Instagram is gone for good. It's not exactly surprising, though ... since when they decided to end their engagement, Jeremy wasted no time telling everyone who followed him about how Brooke cheated, and it was a total mess. 

    Teen Mom 2 is finally getting into the details of their split, but it seems there are still plenty of question marks surrounding this relationship (or lack thereof). And now, it looks like they might even be back together again. What's going on?! 

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  • Amber Portwood & Matt Baier

    Amber Portwood & Matt Baier

    This is one of the most recent breakups, but definitely the worst. Their split was showcased on the Teen Mom OG finale this season, ending with Amber screaming at Matt in the street after he failed a lie detector test she made him take. It was a total nightmare, and now, we hope that these two are done forever. Amber doesn't need him! And she really doesn't need him if her claims about Matt taking all of her money are true. 

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