The Worst 'Teen Mom' Breakups in the History of the Show

Image: MTV

amber and matt teen mom

As much as we appreciate seeing Teen Mom relationships go right, sadly, successful love connections are pretty rare among the cast. Over the years, we've seen these reality stars go through some pretty nasty splits -- even divorces -- with their significant others. Breakups are bad enough in the real world, but when they play out on TV? Talk about drama! It can definitely get pretty intense, to say the least...


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Let's take a look at some of the messiest, most heartbreaking breakups we've seen in the history of the Teen Mom series. There have been so many tears, and we've felt so horrible for a lot of the cast members after seeing just how hurtful some of their exes can be. (Um, hello, Adam Lind, we're talking to you.)

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Fortunately, most of these ladies came out of the relationships happier than ever. And we know the ones who aren't living happily ever after just yet will definitely find their perfect match in the future. Or at least we hope that's the case. Whether their lives are full of drama or not, everyone deserves a happy ending -- and at least a chance at the fairy tale.

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