Jenelle Evans Has a Lot to Say About Those Pregnancy Rumors

jenelle and ensley

Think Jenelle Evans is hiding yet another pregnancy? Think again. This week, Jenelle shut down pregnancy rumors, and according to the Teen Mom 2 star, there's no way she's expecting a baby ... at least not right now. 


According to tweets Jenelle posted on Thursday, she's not pregnant -- not just because she's on birth control, but also because she doesn't want to be "huge and pregnant" at her wedding to David Eason, which is quickly approaching this September. 

Here's what she had to say: 



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We had a feeling the rumors weren't true this time, especially since she had baby Ensley so recently. Besides, the other day, she and David made it pretty clear that they're not planning on having any more children, now or maybe ever. So we'd be pretty shocked if she was actually expecting.

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