Did Javi Marroquin Just Imply That He Hooked Up With Briana DeJesus?


We knew that Javi Marroquin was friends with Briana and Brittany DeJesus, but we didn't know they were this close! In a new clip from Monday's episode of Teen Mom 2, Javi reveals he almost hooked up with Briana. Whoa! 


First, we see Javi hanging out in the MTV greenroom, which is pretty normal, but the person he's going to visit isn't Kail, it's Briana, as she's gearing up for her first season on Teen Mom 2. And in their conversation, he drops a few interesting gems of knowledge ... 


... like how Briana's mom tried setting Javi up with Briana before she was pregnant, and how he's still open to dating her if she changes her mind later on. What?! And then there's Briana, looking all shy and embarrassed -- what exactly went on between these two?! 

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Whatever it was (if it was even anything), it seems to be over now. Javi seems pretty happy with his new girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, so we doubt he's wishing he could get with Briana at this point.

But could you imagine the drama if he had?! Dating someone on the same show as his ex-wife? That would have created more than a few super awkward reunion moments.

We'll be interested to see if Javi has more interaction with Briana now that she's officially the cast. Monday is just a few days away! 

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