Kailyn Lowry Takes a Well-Deserved Dig at Baby Daddy Chris Lopez

kailyn lowry

Taking digs left and right! Not long after Kailyn Lowry threw shade at Javi Marroquin on Twitter recently, the Teen Mom 2 star is blasting her newest baby daddy, Chris Lopez. In a new clip from the upcoming season, Kailyn takes a major swipe at Lopez -- and dude isn't going to be happy. 


In the clip, Kailyn starts talking about Lopez for the first time ever on camera to a friend. When the friend describes Lopez as a "player," Kailyn says that he's not going to appear on the show at all. "He doesn't want to be on the show," Kailyn says. "He doesn't want his name on the show."

When the friend asks Kailyn if it's because he's camera shy, she says, "He doesn't want his other hoes to know about me!" Then, later on, when Kailyn's first baby daddy Jo Rivera asks Kailyn about Lopez, she says, "It's such a not solid situation I don't want to discuss any of it on TV."

Well, okay then. 

More from CafeMom:

From everything we've heard, it sounds like Lopez is handling the situation horribly. Evidently, Kailyn thought their relationship was much more serious than it was and was blindsided when he said he wanted no part of the child's life. He apparently has agreed to pay child support but, beyond that, wants nothing to do with the baby. 

Kailyn seems to be handling things well, and will likely figure everything out. But whether Lopez wants to be part of Teen Mom or not, clearly Kailyn is going to tarnish his name. 

Actually, scratch that, he already did that himself. 

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