15 Most Underrated TV Shows on Netflix, Ranked

Image: Netflix

Netflix show love

Back when Netflix began producing original series in 2012, it was unclear how big the concept of "streaming" was going to get. Clearly, the early adopters were onto something, because the platform produces some of the best programming around. From Netflix series big shots like Orange Is the New Black to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, we're regularly chomping at the bit to binge our favorites. Still, Netflix churns out so many series, it's entirely possible you've missed some of their more underrated fare.


Because your entertainment viewing pleasure is of utmost importance to us, we're ranking Netflix's most underrated shows (though they all tend to get at least a little love in the media), so you can plan your next binge sesh appropriately. Grab your popcorn and wine -- or a juice box for the kiddos -- as there are hours upon hours of awesomeness here. 

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