Fans Are Saying the Most Awful Things About Leah Messer's Daughter

leah messer daughters

Leah Messer is no stranger to drama on Teen Mom 2, but in a newly released clip for the upcoming season, fans are attacking the mom of three for being way too lenient when her daughter Gracie is straight-up rude to her. In the clip, Leah is trying to tell Gracie that she's going back to school -- and Gracie's reaction is pretty shocking. 


After she asks her girls about their day at school, Leah tells them to ask her how hers was. Immediately, Gracie says "no," but Leah ignores her, and proceeds to tell her daughters about how she went to school that day.  

"Oh my god," Gracie says, rolling her eyes. 

Leah then goes on to say that she was asked to write down a list of goals, and how hers was to be the "best mommy possible." Gracie's reaction? To cover her ears, stick out her tongue, and say "blah, blah, blah" over her mother's voice. 

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Leah tells her daughter that she's being "rude," but Gracie says that she's heard about her school 1,000 times. "I care about you and what you do, and that's what you should do for Mommy," Leah says. "And I want to hear about your day, and if you don't want to hear about mine, then I'll talk to Addie and Ali about it. And you just keep your mouth hushed if you're gonna be rude."

Not surprisingly, after viewing the clip, fans pounced on Leah. "I would have slapped her in the mouth," one fan wrote, while another said, "What a little bitch. Sorry but she wouldn't [have] been able to sit down for a week if she was mine."


As far as drama with Leah goes, this is definitely on the tamer side, but if this is any indication of how the upcoming season is going to go, Leah will no doubt receive a lot of criticism. 

Hang in there, girl. All things considered, you're doing alright. 

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