Is Jenelle Evans Is Pregnant? These Weird Clues Are Making Us Think So

jenelle evans baby

Despite the fact that she had her third child recently, the rumors that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her fourth baby are continuing to persist. And even though she's denying it, fans are still convinced Jenelle is set to give birth again soon. 


Recently, Jenelle went on a bit of a Twitter tirade, telling fans that she wouldn't want to be "huge and pregnant" at her wedding. She also informed people that she doesn't want any more kids -- for now at least. 

jenelle evans pregnancy rumors

But not everyone is buying it -- especially since after the tirade, she mentioned, for whatever reason, that twins run in her family. 

jenelle evans pregnancy rumors

Hmmm ... 

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Another thing that has people wondering if the rumors are true: the fact that Jenelle and David are "rushing" to get married

jenelle evans daughter ensley

Also, some photos of Jenelle surfaced recently that had fans thinking she might be hiding a bump. 

As Wetpaint points out, though, perhaps the biggest tip-off to people was when Perez Hilton flat-out asked Jenelle if she was pregnant and she didn't say "no."

jenelle evans

Again: Hmmm ...

If Jenelle is in fact pregnant, she won't be able to hide it too much longer. So, the only thing left for us to do is sit and wait. 

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