Jenelle Evans Opens Up About Expanding Her Family With David

Jenelle Evans and daughter

It's hard to believe that Jenelle Evans is almost a married woman, and we've loved watching her family grow over the years. But is there a chance it could expand even more in the future? Jenelle opened up about having more kids with David Eason, and her plans might surprise you.


Despite the fact that pregnancy rumors about Jenelle have been spreading like wildfire lately, it seems like this Teen Mom 2 star has no plans to add any more babies to her brood. According to what she told E! News, she and David are done -- for now, at least. 

"I think we're good. We have a lot of kids together," Jenelle said.

David also shared his thoughts with the site, adding: 

"We already have so many kids and it's really time-consuming. It's hectic. We don't get that much time for ourselves." 

David is not wrong! Between the two of them, they have four children -- three of whom live under their roof almost full time. That's a lot of kids, especially with baby Ensley added into the mix. 

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And as adorable as Ensley is, David and Jenelle's decision is probably for the best. They've had a lot going on these days between planning a wedding, buying and moving into a house on their new land, and welcoming Ensley into their lives.

If you're bummed, don't be -- Jenelle is known for changing her mind. And if she doesn't? It's going to be a blast seeing the kids she's already got continue to grow when Teen Mom 2 returns next week. We can't wait to catch up with Kaiser and Jace! 

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