Chelsea DeBoer's Baby Watson Makes His 'Teen Mom' Debut & Everyone's Crying

chelsea houska and baby watson

Teen Mom 2 may be full of drama, but it also has its seriously adorable moments. And now that the new season is set to air next week, we're starting to get a few sneak peeks here and there -- and there's a lot of adorableness in store. In a newly released clip for the show, we see Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer's baby make his television debut. And guys? It couldn't possibly be sweeter. 


The clip starts out with producers and crew members pulling up to Chelsea and Cole's home, looking excited. Once Chelsea introduces her newborn, little Watson, to the crew, one of the producers starts crying. 

Watson then starts getting fussy, and Chelsea puts on her nursing cover to feed him. "If a boob comes out," she warns everyone, "I still don't know what I'm doing."

It's really, really sweet. 

Chelsea certainly is the fan favorite of Teen Mom, but even if she wasn't, there's no denying the fact that this is a really cute clip. Also, she and Cole seem perfect for each other.

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Chelsea has always been a great mom to Aubree and she deserves everything she has right now. It goes without saying that everyone is super excited to see more of little Watson on Teen Mom 2. From everything we've seen on Chelsea's Instagram, he is a little stud. 

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chelsea houska baby watson

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