Maci Bookout Admits She's Limiting Ryan Edwards's Time With Bentley

bentley and ryan edwards

After seeing Ryan Edwards under the influence while driving in the Teen Mom OG finale, we've had a feeling that Maci Bookout would be making major adjustments to how much time Bentley can spend with his dad. And it sounds like that's exactly what's happening now that Ryan is out of rehab. Maci defended limiting Bentley and Ryan's time together, and her reasoning makes total sense.


On this week's Ask the Moms special, Maci admitted that while she doesn't want to keep her son away from his dad, she also has to keep Bentley's safety as her number one priority. When asked about how this will affect custody in the future, Maci said, "I'm going to do my best not to discourage him, but also keep my child safe." 

To us, that sounds like what any mom would do to protect her kid -- especially after seeing his dad drive so unsafely on camera. We want Ryan to get better, but it would be horrifying if anything happened to Bentley. 

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And there is hope for them, because Bentley and Ryan have already reunited since Ryan left rehab. On Tuesday, Ryan was there to cheer Bentley on during his baseball state championships, where his team won, and a photo has already appeared on the Instagram account his parents run for him. 

ryan edwards and bentley

Ryan looks so happy and healthy, and we really hope his healing continues.

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