Farrah Abraham Finally Puts Simon Saran in His Place -- It's Awesome

farrah abraham and simon saran

The Farrah Abraham drama has been real lately, and Simon Saran is getting tied up in it yet again. On Monday, Farrah lashed out at Simon on Twitter, which isn't anything new, but this time she's actually accusing him of stalking her! 


If you follow the former couple on Twitter, you probably already caught their volatile exchange, but if you didn't, you need to. At first, Simon started throwing shade at Farrah by saying MTV didn't find her a date anywhere in the world on her new dating show, Single AF, and then when he implied that Farrah didn't give him the "free ride" as her boyfriend that she said she did? Woo, boy. 

Anyone who has seen Farrah go toe to toe on Teen Mom knows you never want to be on her bad side, but this was some next-level stuff -- and she even showed up with receipts. She tweeted: 


And then added:


Ouch. And Simon, never to be outdone, simply replied, "dope whip!" 

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And then, when Farrah credited herself with getting him his "Being Simon" special, he clapped back again


We don't see a future where these two aren't at each other's throats, or in love ... and then at each other's throats again. But at least it keeps things interesting? 

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