Catelynn Baltierra Comes Clean About That Xanax Matt Baier Gave Her


When it comes to Teen Mom drama, Matt Baier is finding himself at the center of it these days -- and even Catelynn Baltierra is getting involved. During Monday night's reunion, Catelynn opened up about Matt offering her Xanax, and why she ultimately decided not to take him up on it. 


The exchange started out innocently enough -- like we saw earlier this season, Catelynn had to fly to New York for Teen Mom OG press and miss out on Nova's first day of preschool, and not being there for that milestone set her off into a panic attack. So Matt offered her a Xanax so she could calm down, and then told her to keep it between the two of them. 

Like Cate explained on the reunion show, she ended up putting the pill in her pocket instead of taking it, but later, she realized that as an addict, Matt shouldn't have had that pill in the first place and realized something more sinister was going on and had to tell Amber. What a disaster! 

Good for Cate for not taking a pill she wasn't comfortable with and for letting Amber know what her fiancé was really up to, but Matt messed up in all kinds of ways that day. 

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Wait -- it gets weirder. Catelynn says that later on, she and Amber caught Matt red-handed trying to steal the evidence back from Cate's hoodie, which is definitely a red flag. Although with Matt these days, those red flags are popping up around every single corner. 

The good news is that it seems like Amber may have finally broken free of Matt for real this time. The bad news? He obviously has left lasting damage on Amber and her life, and it's going to take her a while to put things back together again ... not that we doubt she can do it. She's super capable.

Without Matt, her future is looking brighter than ever. We can't wait to see what's next for Amber, and if Matt needs help with his addiction, we hope he can get healthy again too. 

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