Chelsea DeBoer's Baby Is Cole's Spitting Image in Adorable New Photo

cole deboer and watson

Little Watson DeBoer has two seriously good-looking parents, so it's no surprise that he's as adorable as it gets. But the recent photo Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer posted of Watson is too much. And if we're being honest here, little dude looks exactly like Cole. Sorry, Chels!


The Teen Mom 2 star posted a sweet photo of Watson trying some solid food on Monday, writing, "I'm liking this food stuff, Mom." And while the photo is ridiculously cute (his little hand!), it's hard to deny the fact that he looks so much like Cole here. Doesn't his expression look exactly like his dad's?!

watson cole deboer

Can you even handle this munchkin? What a cutie pie. 

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From the beginning, little Watson has always looked more like Cole than Chelsea, but the resemblance is uncanny in this photo. Lucky little guy. 

Babies change all the time, so who knows if Watson will look like his daddy forever? But if he does, it's doubtful Chelsea will mind one bit, because:

cole deboer

A baby could do worse. 

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