Farrah Abraham's Mom Questions Whether She Was Really Sexually Assaulted

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We've always known that Farrah Abraham and her mom Debra Danielson have had a rocky relationship, but we never expected this! In a new interview, Debra admitted she doubts how "truthful" Farrah's rape claims are -- even though Farrah's dad, Michael, has said in the past that he supports his daughter all the way. 


You might remember Farrah's claims from 2015 that porn star James Deen "drugged and manipulated" her -- and it's something that seems to have affected her very deeply. But according to her mom, it's not something Farrah talks about with her, and Debra is even doubting whether or not it really happened. 

Debra told Radar Online: 

"She's never spoken to me about it. The only thing I had ever heard is that one night she went out to a place and got drunk. Someone slipped something in her drink and she got attacked."

Debra went on to add that she's not even sure if Farrah's story is "truthful," as well.

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Just because Farrah doesn't speak with her mom about being assaulted doesn't mean it didn't happen -- it doesn't seem like Farrah shares too many personal things with Deb as it is, at least, from what we see on Teen Mom OG. And if Debra truly does doubt her daughter's claims, that could be a big part of the reason their relationship is in so much trouble right now. 

Also, despite Farrah's past allegations of being abused as a kid, Debra added: 

"She's never been abused as a child. Even if she was abused, look at all the millions of people out there who suffered, they don't blame the world for it. They have to grow up. It's time to grow up and get over it!" 

Whoa. We've heard a lot of strong, controversial opinions from Debra in the past, but this one takes the cake. 

Hopefully one day, Farrah and her mom will be able to find peace with each other. And until then? Well, the Teen Mom producers don't have to worry about a lack of drama. 

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