Mackenzie Standifer Is Being Bullied Over Ryan Edwards's Addiction

mackenzie and ryan edwards

The past month has been rough for newlyweds Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards, and it sounds like that's not about to end anytime soon. Mackenzie has been bullied over Ryan's addiction, but she's standing up for herself. 


In a post from her now-private Instagram account, Mackenzie shared a screenshot of a DM one of her followers sent, telling her to kill herself -- and Mackenzie captioned it with an anti-bullying message. According to In Touch, she wrote: 

"So sorry for the language. This is an example of what is being sent into my box. If you or someone you know is affected by bullying, please visit" 

But then, things got a bit confusing when Ryan decided to defend his wife in the comments, but what he was saying could be considered bullying too. He said: 

"Hey, at lest [sic] I could go get help for my problem there is no help for dumbass I'm just saying half the bi*ches on the [sic] are dumb sluts."

And then, Mack liked the comment. Oh, boy. 

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Mackenzie trying to spread the word about how bad bullying is was an awesome use of her platform. Mackenzie liking a comment her husband made that's almost as bad as what her followers have been messaging to her? Not awesome at all. 

People have been criticizing Mackenzie for being an "enabler," particularly after the Teen Mom OG finale when Ryan was seein driving while impaired as he and Mackenzie headed to their wedding. It's definitely not okay for Mackenzie to receive so much hate -- especially during what has to be a truly difficult time for their family -- but it's not okay for her and Ryan to spread it themselves either. 

Hopefully fans will leave Mackenzie alone, and she and Ryan can begin to heal. Things can't be easy in their house right now. 

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