Kailyn Lowry Hints That 'Baby Lo' Is Coming Any Day Now

kailyn lowry with isaac and lincoln

Well? It looks like we should probably go ahead and put Kailyn Lowry on official baby watch. Based on a few recent tweets she shared, it sure sounds like Baby Lo is about to make his or her debut any day now.


Actually, it kind of sounded like Kail's little one was set to arrive yesterday, based on the "date" she said she had with the baby in this tweet.


But then she followed up with this, so it sounds like as far as we know, she's still pregnant.


As anxious as we are to meet her new little one, Kail is obviously anticipating baby number three's arrival even more -- as she's totally over being pregnant!


We'll be keeping a close eye on her social media accounts this weekend just in case she has some very big news to share. We're on the edge of our seats over here!

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