15 of the Most Memorable 'Teen Mom' Couples -- From Totally Toxic to Truly in Love

Nicole Pomarico | Jul 13, 2017 TV

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Over the history of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, we've witnessed our favorite mamas deal with breakups, make-ups, all kinds of relationship drama and even divorce ... But despite it all, some Teen Mom couples have managed to find their happily ever after. It isn't easy finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with, especially when you're trying to raise kids at the same time. But somehow, these moms and dads have done it. But not everyone is that lucky, and that's something we've seen firsthand on these shows.

Here are couples from Teen Mom who are definitely meant to be -- and others couples who should never, ever get back together. Get ready to be hit with a whole lot of #RelationshipGoals ... and fails! 

  • Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra


    After everything they've been through as a couple, we wouldn't be surprised if Catelynn and Tyler had called it quits by now. But these days, it seems like they're stronger than ever! Between dealing with their parents' drama and addiction and placing Carly for adoption, they'd already cleared a few major life obstacles before they tied the knot in 2015, and it didn't stop there.

    Since then, they've had to cope with Cate's postpartum depression, raising Nova, and now, they're packing up to move into their dream house. It's great to see that they've come out the other side of all this struggle as a happier, healthier couple, and after all they've faced, there's no way they'll ever split now. These two are bulletproof!

  • Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney


    Speaking of couples who have been through a lot! You'd think having two brand new babies in the space of the year would take a serious toll on any couple, but not these two. Not only did Taylor totally step up and become an awesome father figure for Bentley, but it's obvious that he loves their little ones, Jayde and Maverick, so much.

    And his love for Maci? So adorable, especially now that they're working on a clothing line, Things That Matter, together -- it seems with very few issues. Impressive! 

    Best of all, when they do have issues, they seek help before they become big problems, like when Maci and Taylor went to couples' counseling together to figure out how to constructively disagree with each other. That kind of proactive action means they're ready to tackle anything in the future.

  • Mackenzie Standifer & Ryan Edwards


    They haven't been together too long, but so far, it seems like these two could definitely have staying power -- especially now that they're tackling Ryan's addiction head-on together. As soon as they got married last month, he headed to rehab to get clean, and he's said that he credits his wife with helping him through it. That's the kind of teamwork necessary for the hard stuff in life! 

    Hopefully, these two will only get closer as Ryan continues to heal. They deserve some serious happiness after everything they've already been through together. 

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  • Gary & Kristina Shirley


    Is it just us, or are Gary and Kristina the adorable couple that none of us saw coming? In the years they've been together, they've shown each other nothing but unconditional love, even when things tend to sway toward the dramatic side of life. Best of all, it's pretty clear that Kristina loves Gary's daughter, Leah, as if she were her own -- and their daughter together, Emilee, is just the sweetest. 

    Plus, we love that they're making an effort to include Amber in their family, which she totally is -- she's Leah's mom! With the kind of co-parenting they've been doing lately, Leah's a very lucky little girl. We just hope it continues! 

  • Jenelle Evans & David Eason


    We will admit it: We were doubtful of David at first when he and Jenelle started dating, but now that he's proven himself, it's pretty obvious he's played a huge role in how happy and healthy she is these days! Ensley is the cutest, and we love the way he's stepped up to be a dad to Kaiser and Jace -- and seeing all their adventures play out on the show and on social media. 

    Jenelle definitely doesn't have the best track record with guys in the world, but it seems like her bad luck streak has finally broken. We can't wait to see them tie the knot later this year, so she can finally get that happily ever after.

  • Chelsea & Cole DeBoer


    Ah, yes, the ultimate example of #RelationshipGoals: Chelsea and Cole. We fell in love with Cole from the moment we first met him and heard the way he met Chelsea at a gas station, and the rest was history! We love that they seem to always be on the same wavelength, we love that he treats Chelsea so well, and we love that he's been an incredible influence in Aubree's life -- especially since she seems to adore him so much. 

    There's no way Chelsea and Cole will ever split, and if they do, we might just stop believing in love right then and there. Have there ever been two people more meant to be than they are?! 

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  • Vee Torres & Jo Rivera


    Kailyn Lowry may have been pissed when Jo Rivera and Vee Torres got together, but they definitely managed to prove her wrong! After six years together (and adorable baby Vivi), they're still going strong ... and they're finally engaged to be married! They've been kicking serious ass as a couple, helping Kail raise Isaac and being awesome parents to Vivi to boot. Hopefully, they'll stay together forever ... and if they don't, we'll be totally shocked. 

  • Mackenzie Douthit & Josh McKee


    Mackenzie and Josh have been through a lot since we last caught up with them on Teen Mom 3 forever ago, but the way they've managed to stick together despite everything they've been through is really inspiring. Cheating rumors, near breakups, and all -- it seems like these two are practically bulletproof. We hope that never changes! 

  • Javi Marroquin & Lauren Comeau


    Javi and Lauren might be a brand new relationship -- like, weeks old -- but we already feel like they have the potential to go the distance ... literally. Not only are they making things work in a long distance relationship, but every time this couple has spoken about each other, you can totally tell they're into each other so much already. We don't want to see Javi heartbroken again, so we are really rooting for them to last! 

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  • Corey & Miranda Simms


    How much do we love these two?! After Corey's painful divorce from Leah, we were worried he'd never find love again, and we're so glad we were wrong! It seems like he and Miranda were made for each other, and we love how fiercely they defend and support each other, no matter what. Plus, their baby, Remington, is just the cutest, and we absolutely adore how Miranda loves Ali and Gracie as if they were her own.

  • Simon Saran & Farrah Abraham


    They're on again, off again so often we can't even keep it straight, but these two are definitely heading into disaster territory. When they're together, everything's perfect ... except for the fact that they can't seem to agree on when to get married (or who buys the ring!). And when they're not together, they fight very viciously and very publicly. Maybe they should just go their separate ways from now on? 

  • Amber Portwood & Matt Baier


    Of all the trainwreck relationships in Teen Mom history, this one might be the one we're most relieved is coming to an end. Not only did Matt use Amber's money, hold on to her license, and say some pretty nasty things about her when she refused to marry him in Vegas, but they also hardly ever got along. When the cameras were on them, they were constantly arguing! Hopefully, Amber decides she's done with him for good. She (and Leah) don't deserve to be treated that way! 

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  • Javi Marroquin & Kailyn Lowry


    Although they were definitely #RelationshipGoals when they first got together, things changed pretty quickly for Kail and Javi, and it all eventually led to their downfall. By the time they'd decided to get a divorce, they were barely getting along, and everything changed when Javi blamed Kail for her miscarriage. These days, now that they're apart, this couple seems to be much happier. 

  • Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith


    Before Jenelle found her happily ever after with David, she was stuck in a nightmare relationship with Nathan Griffith. Not only were the cops involved multiple times, but it seemed so toxic for them both. Did they ever stop fighting?! It got so bad at times they'd even scream at each other in front of their son, Kaiser, which isn't okay. Fortunately, Kaiser doesn't have to worry about that anymore! 

  • Gary Shirley & Amber Portwood


    Amber and Gary, just friends who co-parent their daughter? Awesome. Amber and Gary as a couple? Not so much. We'll never forget when these two were together, because their relationship mostly consisted of arguing and occasionally it even got physical. Plus, Gary and his wife, Kristina, are so perfect for each other, and we hope one day, Amber finds her perfect match, too. 

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